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Technical specifications

E4XP Solar
Kit designed for water extraction through renewable solar energy. The system is composed by a submersible pump - E4XP - controlled by a Caprari electric panel with inverter.

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Electric stainless radial submersible pumps
The right choice for high concentrations of solids and sand up to 300 g/m3
The new 4” and 6” submersible pumps for small and medium-size wells are Caprari's answer to the need for high performance plus long life in extremely heavy duty conditions.
Compact and stainless, they combine power and reliability thanks to their pioneering type of construction and the quality of the materials.

Capacity: 9.5 l/s
Head: 690 m
Power: 37 kW
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Stainless steel electric mixed flow and radial submersible pumps
Electric mixed flow and radial submersible pumps made entirely of microcast stainless steel, including impellers and diffusers. Designed to ensure top performance in any aggressive environment, even marine. They combine compact dimensions with high performance. They are Caprari’s professional response to the most heavy-duty use and most difficult working conditions. A great step forward in terms of reliability and performance compared to constructions of pressed - welded steel plate.
Machines conform to 2009/125/EC Directive (EcoDesign - ErP).

Capacity: 45 l/s
Head: 850 m
Power: 170 kW
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Electric mixed flow borehole pumps
Electric 8” and 10” radial borehole pumps able to reach high heads.Thanks to the limited axialdimensions of the wet-end these machines feature a high number of stages with limited length so as to make them compact and reliable. Very solid machines, designed to last and to always ensure peak performance and efficiency under heavy duty conditions of use at great depths of installation and extremely high heads.

Capacity: 48 l/s
Head: 460 m
Power: 92 kW
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