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Technical specifications

Stormwater: collection,management and control
Rainwater disposal not only affects the safety of the natural bodies of water (rivers, canals, lakes, ponds, reservoirs, etc.) into which it flows, but the entire sewer network through to the local and district water treatment systems. Rainwater pollution is mainly caused by: substances that come straight from the actual soil and, to a lesser degree, from the atmosphere. Thus the first fraction of rain collected turns out to be polluted to a greater extent as it combines with all the pollutants that settle on the soil during dry weather. Use of storage tanks is becoming increasingly more widespread in an endeavour to reduce the environmental impact that occurs when first-flush rainwater is disposed of in natural bodies of water. The purpose of these tanks is to collect and hold the first fraction of the water produced by a heavy downpour, thus preventing it from flowing into natural bodies of water in an uncontrolled way. However, the solids in first-flush rainwater settle at the bottom of these tanks and make them considerably difficult to manage. These solids contain a certain organic fraction that helps microorganisms and bacteria to proliferate in the presence of high temperatures and humidity, leading to the production of gas and unpleasant odours. This means that cleaning and the removal of these sediment is of prime importance when it comes to servicing primary rain storage tanks.

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Air-operated level gauge
Level gauge mod. Level-Start has been designed to monitor the activation level of electric pumps installed to raise the waste water produced in urban and industrial areas and animal and breeding farms. It has proved to be particularly reliable for heavy-duty work where incrustations due to grease or detergents, or false signals caused by surface foam obstruct the regular operation of other regulating systems. Level-Start can either be supplied installed in the control and protection panel of the electric pump or as a separate unit in a fiberglass reinforced plastic housing with IP55 protection to install along with an already existing control device. The pneumostatically transmitted measuring system has no electric circuits or contacts in the tank and is therefore also suitable for installation in the presence of gas. One probe is sufficient to regulate the levels of several pumps. Periodical maintenance operations to clean the floats are no longer necessary.

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Ball check valve
The ball shutter check valve is extremely reliable in both vertical and horizontal installations thanks to its simple design and absence of mechanical parts. Its working principle is based on the free movement of the ball inside the valve body without the risk of jamming even if the pumped liquid contains suspended solids. When the pumps are running, the ball shutter, guided as required, will move to the side of the liquid flow leaving ample free passage space and reduced load loss. To guarantee perfect sealing and silent running, the ball is coated with nitrile rubber resistant to clean fresh or sea water, waste water or rainwater even with residual hydrocarbon.

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Fine bubble system
The fine bubble diffusers are the Caprari solution for the high-efficiency aeration.
Formed by the line of pipes with the diffusers installed on it, the aeration unit creates a network that covers the entire area where oxygenation is required.
Concentrations and a balanced mixture of dissolved oxygen are obtained throughout the tank by evenly distributed diffusers.
The aeration system can comprise one or more installation units on the bottom and includes all the accessories required for correct installation.

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