Italia - ACEA ATO 2 - Roma

Prior situation
The Funtain of Trevi, the most famous funtain in the world, is supplied by the Acqua Vergine acqueduct built by Marcus Vispsiano Agrippa, 19 km in length and inaugurated on june of 19 B.C. In the past, the monumental funtains were fed with non-recycled water, however, over the years that system was repalced whit water recycled by pumps: control and relevant treatment of the recycled water is indispensable for guaranteeing chemical-physical characteristics that do not compromise the delicate equilibrium and this allowing the funtain to preserve for as long possible the splendour regained thanks the recent restoration work.
Caprari's proposal
Pompe ad asse orizzontale da 22 a 55 kW
Surface pumps fron 22 to 55kW .