Godelleta (Valencia)
Prior situation
It involves a broad ranging project for an irrigation surface of 2,139 ha. The project plan involves transforming the already existing pumps powered by diesel generators into off-grid hybrid systems with PV generator and diesel generator.
Caprari's proposal
Electric submersible pump 12”
2 Units Mod. E12 Semi-axial
1 Unit Motor 370 kW
1 Unit Motor 400 kW

Hybrid Solar control panel:
  • 5 units for a total of 15 pumps and 2.400 kW
  • 7 units for a total of 7 pumps and 38.5 kW
Advantages achieved
The re-pumping chain (up to a total of 6) communicates by means of a SCADA system. All the pumping systems are hybrid, which guarantees the system's operation even when the solar radiation decreases and also at night.
The system is also equipped with an emergency mode that continues providing energy, even if the communication between the pumping stations fails
The pre-set objectives are: increasing energy efficiency and water use efficiency and reducing diesel consumption, seeking to ensure both economic and environmental benefits.