Flood control in Drosendorf
Prior situation
Pumping stations are the field of expertise of the pump manufacturer Caprari, as shown by the project Flood control Drosendorf. The municipality of Memmelsdorf in the region of Upper Franconia was forced to take meas- ures against the constant threat of floods on the river Leitenbach. As a result, a combination of river training works, dikes and protection walls was built in two construction phases.
Caprari's proposal
The technological heart of the construction is a pumping station that Caprari equipped with two units of type KCD-200NG featuring a DN200 pressure flange: Electrical submersible motors with two-channel impellers for wastewater and sewage, to a large extent made of resistant cast iron. Each pump conveys 105 l/s over a height of 3.3 metres. They ensure the drainage of the inner side. A motor power of 6.5 kW is enough to guarantee efficient continu- ous operation in case of need. They are installed in a monolithic cylinder made of reinforced concrete with an outer diameter of 3300 mm and a total height of 4450 mm. The mainte- nance of the pumps is extremely easy thanks to Caprari’s two stainless steel guide rails
Advantages achieved
The manufacturer offers a wide range of pumps and control technology solutions for wet or dry installation to meet virtually every need connected to municipal, industrial or agricultural water management. Using prefabricated elements that are placed into the station during installation, Caprari and its partners can build complete and ready-for-use pumping stations within 72 hours.