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Industrial use Cooling water supply Michelin
Prior situation
The Michelin tyre manufacturing plant in Hallstadt pumps cooling process water as raw water from the Main River for two kilometres. The plant was opened in 1971 and it has been con- stantly modernised, also as far as process water management is concerned. The cooling water needed to reduce tyre temperature after vulcanisation is stored in tanks under the hall floor.
Caprari's proposal
The basement reduces the space required for the primary means of production in the expand- ing plant: the perfect solution for Michelin. Michelin opted for the high-performance and highly efficient deep-well turbine pumps offered by Caprari Pumpen GMBH - located in Fürth - to keep the circuit going twenty-four-seven and supply enough make-up water. Several units of the resistant P-series maintain the pressure in the cooling system, including the feeding pipeline.
Advantages achieved
Caprari is a specialist in challenging installations - eventually Michelin did not opt for a conventional configura- tion with surface free-standing tank and dry-installed pump, on the contrary: In Caprari’s vertically mounted solution the hydraulic system is in water and the motor with lineshaft is placed outside. This has many advantages: Not only is the space required in the factory hall reduced, the mainte- nance is also easier and the drive unit usually replaceable. Thanks to Caprari’s concept it is possible to use several standard motors, also produced by other manufacturers (and even diesel driving systems). As a result, Michelin is still flexible, should new plant extensions be necessary.
The P-series conveys up to 400 litres of water per second and reaches delivery heads up to 250 metres - more than enough for a number of industrial uses.