Special industries

Regno Unito

Quarry Dewatering
Prior situation
To address application problems of unplanned maintenance, failures and improve operational efficiency of the plant. Existing pumps operating receiving power by a diesel generator. Sites have been experiencing high failure rates with expensive repair costs; and proposed plans to increase flow rate and remain operational throughout the year. The size of the submersibles required a NPSH of 3-4 metres positive inlet pressure; which could only be achieved by lowering the pumps to a submerged position that was drawing rocks and heavy solids up from the bottom of the bed. By using the pumps above this level, cavitation was being experienced.
Caprari's proposal
A solution was required to reduce downtime / maintenance costs and expensive failures. When a conventional submersible motor fails, it is not always economically to repair the motor, than buy a new pump.
Rather than replacing old for new, a thinking exercise was implemented to look at reducing overall LCC at the site, reducing obsolescence from scrap and improve efficiency and have more flexibility over the lagoon.
Advantages achieved
With Caprari’s linehsaft pump; the motor can be easily maintained above water level. The pump was able to absorb less power at higher heads, reducing overall running costs and routine maintenance costs.