National Alpine Sky Center of Mount Xiaohai
Prior situation
All Caprari pumps have been installed in the water reservior and boost pumping station for continuesly pumping water to the snow making systems which were in another higher position. All these pumps should meet the demand of continuous snow making.
Caprari's proposal


n. 17 PMLHT125 / 7A equipped with 17 sets of 500kW motors;  PS1 


n.8 E10S50N / 3D + MAC850-8V 


n.11 PMST125 / 4Y equipped with 11 sets of 400kW motors


N.4 PMST125 / 4Y equipped with 4 sets of 400kW motors

Advantages achieved

High-pressure multi-stage pumps, electronically controlled, able to lift the water from an altitude of 1285 meters to 2170 meters and thus ensuring coverage of the snowmaking needs in 200 hours with adequate environmental conditions.In this project, what is actually provided is Caprari PM high pressure multistage centrifigal pump with the highest head of 555m, the product design is compact, the hydraulic efficiency is good, and the service life is long. At the same time, as an excellent manufacturer of submersible borehole pump in the world, Caprari has lots of experiences, and its products meet various needs in energy saving and economy.