Water Industry

Italia - COMUNE DI MILANO R.E.M. S.C. a.r.l.

Prior situation
The biggest in Europe: the Nosedo puryfing plant serve the central-east district of Milan. The Consortium of big International companies that build and manage it has chosen Caprari electric pumps for treating the waters. A purifyng plant that have a sewage treatment capacity equal to 432.000 m3/day, equivalent to approx. 18.000 m3/hour (5 m3/sec.) in dry weather conditions and approx. 54.000 m3/hour (15 m3/sec) in rainy conditions. Three types of sewage flow treatments are carried out: pretreatment, with two screenings followed by desiiting and oil extraction, biological treatment, or denitrification and oxidatio-nitrification followed by decantation; tertiary and disinfection treatment, that provide for filtering of the water coming from final decantatio on a double filter bed in sand.
Caprari's proposal
nr. 75 sewage pumps K+ Series from 2,2 to 25 kW
(management with 12-year concession)