Offshore wind turbine installation platform

During the installation of a wind turbine in the sea it is necessary to pump pressurized water in the seabed in order to facilitate the process of anchoring the supporting platform pillars. 
This is the absolutely extreme application of a jetting pump installed on the service platform that requires a very high head, to overcome the hydrostatic pressure and the pressure required to drill the seabed, in combination with the aggressiveness of the seawater.

In order to be able to submit to these challenging operating conditions of this plant in CHINA, high pressure multistage pumps with castings and components completely made of Duplex steel have been studied and developed for this project. Moreover, high flow submersible marine bronze pumps with stainless steel motors for the seawater intake were supplied, equipped with seawater-resistant rising cables.

All the supplied machines have been certified by the CCS Marine notification body which validated the pumps project and their production process, also witnessing the functional tests in factory.