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Excellent electric performance and outstanding reliability
The MPC10 motors, engineered by CAPRARI SpA, have been launched on the market to complete the MPC6 and MPC8 range, thus offering our customers particularly performing products that stand out for extremely low energy consumption as compared to the average of the industry, at a very competitive price.


  • 100% Sturdy thanks to the graphite-based, self-lubricating, composite material line bearings and a thrust bearing whose oversize is amply suited to withstand the axial loads generated by the wet end.
  • 100% Outstanding resistance to wear thanks to the mechanical silicon carbide seal, which makes it also suitable for heavy-duty operations in the presence of abrasive liquids; moreover, it ensures remarkable resistance to thermal shock and aggressive chemicals.
  • 100% Suitable for applications with VSD (Variable Speed Drive)

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