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ENDURANCE E6 ÷ E12 Series

6" ÷ 12" Borehole pumps in high precision casted stainless steel

The wide range of 6″ ÷ 12″ borehole electric pumps in high precision casted stainless steel of the ENDURANCE series is ideal in presence of sea water, aggressive liquids and high sand contents. The series is designed to always guarantee the best performance even in extreme conditions. Thanks to the Caprari patents, a long life of the electric pumps is guaranteed with reduced maintenance interventions. Coupling with Caprari submersible motors guarantees high energy savings. Ideal for use in aqueducts, minings, desalination plants and offshore.

Flow rate up to l/s 190
Head up to m 850
Power up to kW 440
Efficiency above 80%
Solids quantity up to g/m³ 150


Brochure Sub. Inclined Pumps


Technical catalogue 50Hz


Technical catalogue 60 Hz


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