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Every construction detail is important when it comes to fire safety. In an emergency, pumps are crucial for ensuring proper pressure and distribution of water, so they must be highly reliable.

The UL448 certification is therefore crucial. In fact, it is essential for the American market as well as recognised and required by most countries. It is issued by Underwriters Laboratories to certify that pumps comply with stringent safety and performance standards, even when operated in extreme conditions. This provides not only a sticker to be placed on the product but also a guarantee of quality and reliability in the field of fire protection.

Caprari is currently completing the certification process for its vertical lineshaft pumps (VTP) series. This proves that its products comply with safety standards for the prevention of fires, electrical shocks, and mechanical hazards.

It is important to keep in mind that this certification requires that pumps meet certain specific requirements, including the traceability of all materials used as well as the use of specific manufacturing and processing standards.

UL448 certification is not an option, but a necessity. It is Caprari’s commitment to safety and protection.

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