DEFENDER®, a smart device designed, tested and patented by Caprari to protect the electric pumps from electrochemical corrosion and galvanic currents, passivating the stainless steel so as to create a further safety barrier.

Sand Protector

Moreover, the special PROTECTOR ® device installed in Nema couplings between the wet-end and motor perfectly seals the coupling zone and protects it and the seal in the motor from sand.

HT Bearing

HT Bearing: strong resistance to the axial thrust extreme reliability

Smart-Fix System

Caprari Smart-Fix System Valve-pump casing fastening system

Sand-out System

Caprari Sand-Out System The new wear ring system ensures long life and reliable operation even when the pumped fluid contains large amounts of sand and solids. It also provides a reliable starting surge, thereby avoiding maintenance costs due to faulty operation

HT Coupling

New precision splined impellers, for high-power transmission and resistance to extreme stresses

DryWet System

“DryWet” system is supplied as standard on all the electric pumps of Energy range and enables customer to use a single model both for submerged applications and in dry chambers. The cooling system can be activated by simply adding oil to the pump. “DryWet” is an easy and efficient system that does not require additional maintenance, does not dissipate energy for the benefit of the electric pump performance and, in case of fault of the first mechanical seal, remains nevertheless fully operational.


The probe is fitted within the oil chamber, also in the ATEX version (Caprari International Patent), it detects any water infiltration before entering the motor, warning when maintenance is required.


It allows disconnecting the electric pump without the need to disconnect from the panel, therefore a much easier and therefore faster maintenance procedure. The design of the plug prevents humidity from entering the motor.