Water is drawn from underground water-bearing strata, from lakes or rivers and is conveyed to the surface or straight to the areas that need to be irrigated. Thanks to a wide range of pumps and electric pumps, Caprari can cope with all types of irrigation requirements, in both public and private spheres.

We are able to meet the diverse needs of the customer, from submersible pumps for the collection of water from deep wells into the aquifer, to horizontal pumps for supplying the water system. From the treatment of domestic and industrial waste water to the transport and transfer of purified water.

In both road and rail underpasses, underground parking lots and subways, adequate and reliable machines are required if man and the environment are to be safeguarded. Some of the most important of these machines are submersible electric pumps, along with the other electric pumps you’ll find in our catalogue.

Pumps and electric pumps able to raise primary process water and waste water. Highly appreciated solutions using electric pumps with vertical lineshafts and multiple-cell electric pumps.

We know the needs of these markets well, thanks to our experience and to the many projects we have realised in many industries such as mining, Oil & Gas, fisheries, metal, artificial snow making and so on. With a wide range of pumps, electric pumps and integrated solutions, Caprari is able to satisfy the many needs arising from these areas and respond with particularly reliable proposals.