Scigliati plant


Increased water availability

Prior situation

Requirement to expand and modernise existing water network infrastructure through the installation of new high-capacity Caprari pumps and the optimisation of distribution systems.

Caprari solution

5 customised vertical lineshaft units delivering 700 l/sec with a pressure of 100m. The vertical units are equipped with 850kW, 6-pole motors

Benefits obtained

The work carried out by the Consortium included the optimisation of the irrigation network pertaining to the Solofrone river basin through the restructuring of the electromechanical systems of the Scigliati lifting station and the interconnection between the Tempa San Paolo tank network, as well as the Tempa di Lepre tank network in the Ponte Marmoreo area in the municipality of Capaccio Paestum. Caprari contributed to the project by presenting a solution capable of increasing the flow rate of the plant by more than 50 %.

These improvements have significantly increased water pumping and distribution capacity, ensuring greater availability for the community and lowering the risk of supply disruptions. Furthermore, the Consortium has invested in the construction of new water collection and treatment works, better exploiting the resources available in the surrounding area. These new infrastructures have made it possible to expand water supply sources, reducing dependence on single points of withdrawal and ensuring greater system resilience in the long term.

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