Ostuni plant


Sludge treatment

Prior situation

The sludge situation was becoming unsustainable for AQP owing to high maintenance costs and periods when the systems were forced to remain at a standstill while the progressive cavity pumps (eccentric screw pumps), widely used in these installations, were serviced.

Caprari solution

Backed by experience acquired in Germany with the AWS Consortium and in other countries where use of the K-Kompact series electric pumps had achieved brilliant results with sludge re-circulation and in water treatment systems, Caprari suggested that AQP replace its progressive cavity pumps with those of the K-Kompact series.

Benefit obtained

Now, 10 years after installation, the first machines are still functioning perfectly without maintenance. Used to replace existing progressive cavity pumps and for new sludge circulation systems, Caprari’s K-Kompact electric pumps continue to operate to the full satisfaction of the technicians who run the systems.

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