Vic Water Authority


Treatment Plant Water Intake

Prior situation

Existing pumps had been operating inefficiently for some time, causing the water authority to investigate a higher efficiency solution in an effort to reduce power consumption and operating costs.

Caprari solution

n.3 E10S55U/3A+MAC870 complete borehole pumps operating on a 45 degree incline.

Benefits obtained

Caprari Submersible Pumps are known for their hydraulic efficiency.

To parity of performance, Caprari managed to offer electric pumps with lower energy consumption, improving the sysem’s efficiency while lowering costs. Caprari’s well pumps are known for their sector-leading hydraulic effifiency. Moreover, they require a small motor which consumes less kW for a similar duty point to pumps in existing wells and other options on the market which had previously been explored.

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