Al-Garaf plant


Water treatment

Prior situation

Need to modernise and increase the flow rate of the existing plant in the city of Thi Qar. Demand for high flow rate and pressure to meet the needs of the increased population. The plant is able to supply clean water to the entire population by capturing water from the Euphrates River.

Caprari solution

Supply of 6 split-case pumps of which 3 are 90 kW pumps with river intake filters and the others are 250 kW high flow rate pumps.
The system is also composed of three K+ series DN300 submersible pumps with a total flow rate of 1,500 m3/h for the purification tanks

Benefits obtained

Thanks to the contribution of our distributor DA AL RANEEN, a large plant was built with high flow rates and considerable pressure in ordert to exploit the natural resource of water from the Euphrates River,. It took about 450 days to complete this project with about 20,000 metres of UPVC pipe networks (110-250 mm diameter) with the result being a success.
For the raw water, taken directly from the river, DN300 submersible pumps were used which are accustomed to working in harsh conditions and were installed inside a concrete tank, allowing treatment to make it drinkable.
Once the water has been treated, it is distributed via split-case, high-pressure pumps that ensure that long distances and the extensive network are covered. The new plant will serve around 500,000 inhabitants in the AL-GRAF district by supplying treated water for drinking and domestic use.

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