Chongqing Railway Station


HVAC water recirculation

Prior situation

These pumps are for HVAC water recirculation for the entirety of Chongqing West Railway Station, the biggest railway transportation centre in the Western China.

Caprari solution

After several technical exchanges, Caprari has supplied a complete solution for the system, opting for various types of centrifugal pumps.
No.24 SCC Series split case pumps equipped with motors of various powers (maximum 90kW);
No.3 NC50‐160/Y end suction pumps with 11kW motor

Benefit obtained

By using highly hydraulically efficient pumps coupled with SIEMENS motors, delivered moreover in a short period of time, a perfect balance between economy and performance was struck.
The client themselves attested to the quality of the products supplied as well as their reliability.

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