Trevi Fountain


Water supply

Prior situation

The Trevi Fountain, the most famous fountain in the world, is supplied by the Acqua Vergine acqueduct built by Marcus Vispsiano Agrippa, 19km in length and inaugurated on june of 19BC.

In the past, monumental fountains such as this were fed with non-recycled water. However, over the years that system was repalced with water recycled by pumps. As such, control and relevant treatment of the recycled water is indispensable for guaranteeing chemical-physical characteristics that do not compromise the delicate equilibrium at play, allowing the fountain’s splender – revived thanks to recent restoration efforts – to be conserved for as long as possible.

Caprari solution

Surface pumps from 22 to 55kW .

Benefit obtained

The current system makes it possible to operate the fountain 24 hours a day without interruptions and without wasting precious water.

Another positive factor is the possibility of making precise checks on the chemical-physical characteristics and relative water treatment in order to ensure that the pumped water does not compromise the delicate balances and thus allowing the fountain to maintain its splendor, rediscovered thanks to recent renovation works, for as long as possible.

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