Magdalena palace


Sea water treatment

Prior situation

Palacio de la Magdalena is probably the most visited place in Cantabria, an autonomous community on the north peninsula of Iberia.
Situated on a peninsula considered one of the most beautiful bays in the world, it features various period buildings which served as a holiday home for the royal family at the start of the 19th Century. In addition, there is a mini zoo, built 40 years ago, which houses several marine species such as penguins, seals and sea lions.
The plant is designed with natural rockpools in a cliffy area and draws water from the Cantabrian Sea via an open-air pumping system which collects water during the hours of high tide.
The Comune di Santander (the name of the zoo) launched a public tender with the aim of improving the system by which seawater was collected, incorporating two new pumps in addition to the two already in operation. In addition to this, a new water recirculation system had to be devised in the various pools. This required submersible pipes to be designed which would aid circulation, rendering the renewal both more effective and more frequent.

Caprari solution

Caprari K+ pumps were proposed, along with a recirculation system ensuring post-sale maintenance service. The work was a success because the company MADEMAN GROUP, the supply contractor, was able to fulfill all the City of Santander’s objectives, receiving praise for orchestrating a solution to such a grave problem.

Benefit obtained

Dave Gonzales (CEO of Mademan Group) summarised the intervention carried out, higlighted that water cycle management is becoming more important eery day, especially in terms of sustainability and safeguarding water as a resource. Caprari kept thisin mind for this delicate project, answering to the customer’s manometric needs with an even lower engine power than that requested in the specifications, incurring a reduction in energy consumption and consequently in the efficiency of the plant.

Caprari continues to prove itself to be a valuable ally in creating shared, sustainable values. Keeping our eyes firmly on the future, we offer essential products and services which function to the highest efficiency standards and are aimed at improving quality of life for the people and businesses active in the communities we operate in. The CAPRARI Group is a reliable reality, capable of evolving alongside sectors which are themselves in a continous state of transformation, breathing life into an ongoing journey of sustainable growth.

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