Cultivation of avocade



Prior situation

To be able to use water from deep wells, and to install and commission submersible pumps that can operate with the necessary reliability, because the production of avocado (palto) cultivation depends critically on these months of the year.

Between the months of October and February of each year, the Olmos area experiences water shortages, which is a critical issue as this is the time of year when the cultivation of “palto” needs more water for production to be adequate.

Caprari solution


4 x E10PX250L/3A+MACWS10220/D-05Z submersible electric pump.

Fully stainless steel (type 316), discharge valve American standard type NPT, special voltage 440V for VFD and thermic probe PT100 installed.

Total installed power: 880HP

Total Capacity: 320l/s

Total depth installation: 145 metres

Benefit obtained

To be able to obtain uninterrupted cultivation such as this is of excellent quality for the export market.

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