Turf production

United Kingdom


Prior situation

9 pumps were needed to provide irrigation for a large scale UK turf grower with flow rates up to 400m3/hr.

Water is being taken from a purpose-built reservoir and delivered to the main irrigation area over 2km away. The changes in levels required the pumps to over come a static head of 50 metres plus friction. The system was built on a ring main principle with careful consideration of water hammer required.

Caprari solution

no. 3 kcm150 series borehole electric pumps with motors from 11.2kW have been installed on floating pontoons to lift the water from the resevoir to feed the first series of 3 booster pumps installed on the edge about 50 metres away.

no. 3 mec-a3/80 series single-impeller horizontal axis centrifugal pumps, with motors from 45kW, have boosted pressure uphill to three other multistage pumps.

These three booster pumps, MEC-MR80-3/2 with 55kW motors, have thus been able to provide sufficient flow and pressure to operate up to 12 hose reel machines. This ensures that no area is left without water, a vital requirement for the production of turf.

Benefit obtained

All booster pumps were installed by Caprari (UK) Ltd inside shipping containers with suitable suction and delivery manifold assemblies, including digital water meters, and operated with variable speed controllers specified and installed together with the panel manufacturer.  The system was completed and able to be installed on site with simple connections to the water system and power supply. The mobility of this system allows for future addition and relocation if required.

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