Sports field

United Kingdom

Football pitch irrigation

Prior situation

The request concerned the possibility of irrigating the football pitch in a short space of time, taking advantage of the half time interval to render the pitch more suitable for play.

Caprari solution

No.2 Multistage Centrifugal Electric Pumps – Vertical Series CVX321/6 – with motors from 11kW and Cap-Drive 110 Inverter.

Two CVX321 pumps with 11kW motors and Cap-Drive 110 inverters were supplied and installed on a steel base-frame to provide sufficient water to allow complete pitch irrigation within the 15 minute half-time slot as well as before the match.

Benefit obtained

After Caprari’s installation, the user was able to pump a larger ammount of water with the same power consumption as before, resulting in cheaper pumping of water per megalitre.

The installed product’s characteristics mean that the problem of total dynamic depression (npshr) has also been resolved.

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