Dayang Ouyang Platform


Fixing a platform to the seabed

Prior situation

This particular plant presented two fundamental problems to solve: the need for a high pressure pump, and the need for a submersible pump for liftboat platforms for wind energy. The high pressure pump would aid the platform’s supports exit from the seabed for removal; the submersible pumps would intake seawater for cooling water.

Caprari solution

High pressure pumps in stainless steel and borehole pumps in marine bronze
No.4 High Pressure Multistage Vertical Lineshaft Pumps (PMXST80F/7Y)
No.1 Borehole Electric Pumps (E10S64FMN/2Y+MACW8100)
No.3 Borehole Electric Pumps (E12S50FMN/1Y+MACW850)

Benefit obtained

  1. The existing positive displacement pump, which was too costly and required frequent maintenance, has been replaced by the more efficient high pressure pump;
  2. The submersible pumps come in a variety of materials and structural variations;
  3. Marine environment suitability certification is available; 4. Local service is available.

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