Dairy Industry


Water collection

Prior situation

Mevgal, one of the biggest dairy product producers in the industry, needed to replace their old pumping station, equipped with fixed speed pumps, which had been suffering from high energy consumption and slow response times to water demand. Moreover, the distance between the pumping plant and the production establishment is around 1km.

Caprari solution

For the primary pumping station supplying freshwater to the milk, yoghurt and cheese production line, Caprari supplied:
No.4 HVT80/1D; 37kW
No.2 HVT65/1D; 22kW, Q=690m3/h

16’’ stainless steel suction and discharge manifolds to complete the plant
The control system is composed of six variable speed drives (VSD)

Benefits obtained

Following a careful selection, six pumps have been identified as being able to match the maximum required capacity, while at the same time reducing the installed power by 15%.

VSD installation allows consistent pressure to be maintained.
Finally, the designing of a new, dedicated software has reduced response times to vary the request to a minimum.

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