Ski Area Xiaohai



Prior situation

The need was to make snow continuously for a high number of hours. In addition, the reservoir from which the water was taken was located much lower than the plant, with a difference in height of over 500 meters.

Caprari solution

All Caprari pumps were installed in the pumping station and in the water collection tank to continuously pump water to the more elevated snowmaking systems. All these pumps should be sufficient to meet the demand for continuous snow-making. Together, these pumps should be sufficient to meet the demand for constant snow.
n. 17 PMLHT125 / 7A equipped with 17 sets of 500kW motors; PS1
n.8 E10S50N / 3D + MAC850-8V
n.11 PMST125 / 4Y equipped with 11 sets of 400kW motors
N.4 PMST125 / 4Y equipped with 4 sets of 400kW motors

Benefit obtained

The various pumps utilised in these sophisticated systems are high pressure, electronically controlled multistage pumps. Capable of lifting water from an altitude of 1285 to 2170 metres, they successfully meet the need for 200 hours of snowmaking, in adequate environmental conditions, with a head of up to 555m. The product boasts a compact design, great hydraulic efficiency and a long lifespan. Having acquired a great deal of industry experience, Caprari is known as an excellent submersible pump producer, leading the market on a global level with products which satisfy various energy saving and economical needs.

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