Ski area Todtnauberg



Prior situation

In order to extend the operating time of the ski region Todtnauberg, a reservoir lake for water supply of snow-guns was created. The high pressure centrifugal pump that was employed is one of the biggest Caprari offers in Germany.

Caprari Solution

The artificial lake is 1400 m above sea level and holds 12,000m³ of water. A high pressure multistage pump (PMS 80/7Y) with horizontal shaft was installed in the pump casing. Its motor power of 132kW is enough to supply the system with 3,000 litres of “snow-gun-feed”per minute. Shafts – spaced at intervals of approximately 50m – are placed on the roughly 1500-metre-long field pipeline to supply snow-lances with water. Thanks to this solution the operator can cover the tracks for about three days without interruption. However, the actual time is longer, because the lake is fed by a stream.

Benefits obtained

As the speed of the pump is controlled electronically, the system runs without pressure surges and reacts smoothly to power variations. Caprari, the manufacturer, equipped the generously dimensioned pump shaft with ball bearings on both sides in order to absorb axial and radial loads in both directions. Moreover, an impeller with axial thrust balancing and a lamination drum were installed to protect the bearings. The rotational speed of the pump (made of resistant grey cast iron, ductile iron and bronze) is between 1450 and 3500rpm, which makes for low-wear operation.

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