Caprari periodically runs technical training courses for their own personelle and for their clients, in addition to organising high-quality seminars with qualified teachers aimed at delving into specific issues or proposing new and innovative solutions for exceptional pumping efficiency.

The courses are organised on requests made at the Caprari Training Centre, a facility dedicated solely to training and equipped with the most advanced teaching tools available.

PumpPro Academy

An entirely digitised training project designed both for internal personelle and for those in the Distribution and Asistance Network. To help you on your way to professional success, we have developed a catalogue of online training courses which explore various subjects pertaining to pumps and their applications. With each training module passed, you’ll be issued with an internationally recognised certificate.

Your local business contacts on hand to assess training opportunities together.

Strengthen your know-how by taking part in a webinar with our Product Managers

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