We have been shaping water since 1945

We are an Italian industrial group specialising in solutions and applications for efficient and sustainable integrated water cycle management. Over the years, we have consolidated strong know-how and developed an international presence, enabling us to become a market leader worldwide.

Caprari is synonymous with quality and efficiency: a benchmark for all those who have made water their world.

1945 - 1965



Year of foundation


Made first Surface Pumps and Vertical Lineshaft Pumps


New 40,000 sq m facility

The company was established, by its founder Amadio CAPRARI, in 1945 in Rolo, in the province of Reggio Emilia, to manufacture pumps mainly for agricultural irrigation.

Later, a strategic choice was made to move the company’s headquarters to Modena, thus placing it in the centre of one of Italy’s most important industrial districts.

1965 - 1985



Launch first borehole pump for deep well


First foreign Subsidiary in France


First Flexible Manufacturing System (FMS)

1968 marked the launch of the first series of submersible electric pumps for deep clean water, a product range that still represents the heart of the company today. Caprari has pioneered a broad range of solutions for various different applications.

Steady growth saw the opening of several international branches, the first in France, followed by Spain, the UK, Germany, Portugal, Australia, Greece, Tunisia, and China. Today, we can depend on an extensive network of distributors and partners worldwide, giving us a presence in more than 96 countries.

1985 - 2005



Site opening dedicated to Submersible Motors


Introduction of Wastewater Pumps series


Opening of new Logistics and Training Center

In 1986, Caprari acquired a factory in the province of Modena, dedicated to the production of submersible motors, to make their electric pumps even more efficient. The company also further expanded its product range by introducing a series of submersible pumps for wastewater.

Also, with a view to Customer centricity, it created Italy’s first pump selection software, opened its own Training Centre to train its customers’ staff, and was one of the first Italian companies to obtain integrated certification.

2005 - 2020



Launch of iPump, the web portal for water professionals


Launch K+ Energy series


Started Joint Venture in Turkey


DryWet System awarded at Eima as best innovation

Always new products for new applications thanks to investments in R&D, such as the ENDURANCE series, in micro-cast steel, for use in heavy duty applications such as Mining and Offshore, and the ENERGY series, which makes energy saving its strong point.

Many international patents have been developed that have decreed the Caprari’s brand leadership and continued reputation, such as the DryWet System cooling system, which makes the K+ series submersible pump the best solution for wastewater management.


Our Future


Caprari becomes part of the new industrial holding WATERALIA

The Caprari story is one of an Italian industrial undertaking with an international scope that is constantly growing and evolving, with solid roots in its history and an eye on the future.

In 2021 WATERALIA has been founded, a new industrial holding company born from the partnership between Caprari and AMBIENTA, one of Europe’s largest asset managers entirely focused on environmental sustainability.

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