Original Spare Parts

Designed with passion and precision, Caprari original spare parts are the perfect way to prolong our products' lifespans.

Caprari original spare parts guarantee maximum durability and reliability, allowing for significant savings as the user optimises perfomance while minimising any downtime caused by unforseen faults. We also have a number of maintenance kits available for almost all of our pump models.

The use of parts which are not original to the model, as well as being a probable cause for malfunctions and damage, automatically invalidates any warranty on the product.

Use the SPARES TUTOR digital platform to select and order spare parts with ease. Once your registration is complete, simply use a serial number or model code to view our list of components and exploded-view drawings for the pump or motor in question – quick and easy, all in one click.

Trust in our assistance network for immediate support and explore the wide range of services accessible to Caprari clients.

Spare parts

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