Rogun Dam


Water boosting and distribution

Prior situation

This is one of the key works in the Tajikistan government’s energy plan, which today devotes many of its hopes to the construction of the largest dam in the world: a colossal undertaking involving a 335 metre high wall made of clay.

The construction of the dam involves diverting the Vakhsh River, which will be merged into two underground diversion tunnels, in order to dry the foundations of the dam. This is a very complex operation which, due to the water flow of the river, can only be completed during winter, when the mountains are covered with snow and the water level is reduced.

Caprari solution

No.5 E10S64/5K + MAC10200-8V  Complete with electric panels, inverters and accessories;
No.5 KCM250TH + 100042N1/S;
No.2 KCM250TD + 120042N1/S;
No.2 KCM150ND + 020042N1/S;
No.6 KCM080LC + 012522N3/S;
All complete with electrical panels and accessories
No.2 PML 125/2B Units Complete with 160 kW 2P electric motor, electric panels and accessories;

Benefit obtained

The key here was the consultation and technical support provided, combined with the durability of our electric pumps.

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