Nosedo purifier


Wastewater treatment

Prior situation

Design and construction of a new project

Caprari solution

No.75 K+ series borehole electric pumps from 2.2 to 25kW
Maintenance service for 12 years

Benefit obtained

The biggest purification plant in Europe: the Nosedo Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) serves the central-east district of Milan. The Consortium of big International companies that build and manage it has chosen Caprari electric pumps for water treatment. In this sewage treatment capacity equal to 432,000 m³/day, equivalent to approx. 18.000 m³/hour (5 m³/sec.) in dry weather and approx. 54,000 m³/hour (15 m³/sec) in rainy conditions, three types of sewage flow treatments are carried out: pretreatment, with two screenings followed by desilting and oil extraction; biological treatment, or denitrification and oxidatio-nitrification followed by decantation; tertiary and disinfection treatment, which provide for filtering of the water coming from final decantation on a double filter bed in sand.

Caprari’s contribution includes the supply of 75 submersible electric pumps in 16 different models, chosen to suit the technical characteristics required and with power ratings ranging from 1.2 to 25kW. Along with guaranteed delivery times, Caprari ensures product quality and long-term reliability. In addition, Caprari provides maintenance according to the FULL SERVICE system.

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