Vilseck Plant


Wastewater treatment

Prior situation

To connect isolated estates to the municipal drainage system, the town of Vilseck opts for pressure drainage in the separate sewer system. Caprari’s wastewater pumps of the KCT-series play a key role.

Caprari solution

The machinery was installed on two maintenance-free guide rails in housing collection drains. They were installed individually but also as a double pump station in alternating operation to convey the wastewater of a group of houses into the gravity-fed sewer system leading to the wastewater treatment plant. The cutting system on the suction opening grinds the solid substances carried by the wastewater up to a particle size of seven millimetres. These scraps can be pumped off with no risk of obstruction or blockage. The cutting unit is made of extremely hard stainless steel to guarantee high cutting properties and wear resistance. The frames, made of grey cast iron and covered with a resistant electrostatic plastic coating, protect the pump from abrasive wastewater.

Benefit obtained

The solution chosen by the town of Vilseck features a number of advantages: relatively low construction costs, easy bypassing of existing obstacles, and installation at a shallow depth irrespective of the ground slope.

Thanks to Caprari’s pumps and their cutting system, the town of Vilseck could also use a pressure pipe of small diameter, as it can contain odours in the pipe area better than bigger ones. Moreover, pump motors with only 1.5kW were enough in some cases despite height differences reaching up to 51 metres. We chose this system not only for its low purchasing cost, but also for the permanently low operating costs it brings.

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